Mobile Payment Mayhem

First is was Apple Pay. Then, Android followed suit. Now, we’re onto Google Play. Will one of these mobile payment methods finally get it right for once?

Personally, it seems like Google Pay is on its way to becoming its own Apple Pay 2.0, with a few added features. Google Pay is available on desktops and mobile phones, replacing Android Pay as a form of rebranding. The main highlight from this change was the function of peer-to-peer money transfers, but the app still had a wallet function similar to the Apple Wallet, which now saves your boarding passes and tickets. It’s nothing we haven’t seen before.

One thing Google could have going for its online payment system is bank integration. The unification of all the previous Android payments into one system has been a huge step forward in streamlining the mobile payment process, but does that really make Google the kingpin in this area?

I’m still gonna give the award to Apple, because I’ve never had a hiccup with their system. It seems like Google is just playing catch-up at this point. I’m sure soon, there will hardly be any differences between the two methods, and maybe one day, we can say goodbye to plastic cards and cash and just have all our currency be digital.

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9 months ago
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