Menu “Must-Knows” To Help You Save

Eating out at restaurants is a luxury we shouldn’t take for granted, and for anyone on a budget, a home-cooked meal will be way lest costly. However, if you decide to splurge on yourself or get roped into a group outing with split checks, take these menu tips into consideration so you can still save the most money.

Restaurants intentionally leave out the dollar sign, as numerical values entice the customer to spend more money. Don’t let this fool you, and make sure you’re comparing prices accurately. Additionally, it’s usually good to stay away from “Chef’s Choice” or “Favorites” marked on the menu. These are usually overpriced dishes that cost the restaurant very little in resources to make.

Any bolded item in large print, with pictures, or that has an eye-catching, abnormal name, is probably going to be something the restaurant wants you to buy, too. These are usually the more expensive dishes, but they distract you from the actual price with the font and layout so you forget to check how much it costs.

Lastly, professional chefs always say to avoid any “Specialty Burgers” because a cooked patty should never cost over 20 dollars. At that point, the restaurant is tricking you into thinking they’re piling on special ingredients when they’re really just stealing from your wallet. And as any chef would also tell you, don’t get the Monday seafood special. Not because it’s going to hurt your wallet, but it’s probably going bad and the restaurant just wants to get rid of the inventory.

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8 months ago
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