Masters 2018 Payout: Check Out The Breakdown

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2 weeks ago

Ahh…it’s that time of year again. In Augusta, Georgia, the best of the best are teeing off, head-to-head, to win that coveted green jacket. Tiger Woods is back, Jordan Spieth is taking an early command, and Phil “lefty” Mickelson is yet again a crowd favorite. In honor of such an event, we’ve broken down some of the best ‘firsts’ in Masters history. Watch this video to see them all, but we’ve got five here for you!

1. Bobby Cole was 18 in 1967, and was the first teenager to ever make the cut.
2. Byron Nelson was the first player to ever play 100 rounds in 1952.
3. Gene “the machine” Littler was the first player to par every single hole at The Masters in 1959.
4. Ben Hogan was the first player to finish second four consecutive times at The Masters.
5. The infamous Jack Nicklaus was the first player to ever record 500 birdies!

The masters also brings about a huge cash prize. Put it this way, if you finish 50th, you’re pretty much guaranteed $30,000. Not too bad! And the winner….yup, they get $1,980,000!

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