Marriott Wants To Partner With You: Are You Ready To Embark On This Once In A Lifetime Experience?

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2 years ago

Travel is a journey that opens up a world of possibility. Maybe you love to travel and want to pursue a career as an entrepreneur with a start-up or maybe you already have a start-up that’s in its early stages of development. Either way Marriott is breaking boundaries with it’s new innovative program called Mariott TestBED. Do you have a tech idea that could enhance the world of travel? Do you have an idea so great, but just need that extra push and motivation from an important partner who has all the right connections to make your dream come true?
Well, today Marriott is here to be that partner for you! That’s right, Marriott Hotels is launching an Accelerator Programme to find and accelerate tech startups that enhance the travel experience. It is looking for technology-based products or services that can help make travel more rewarding, letting its guest explore more and experience more. They’re looking for early stage start-ups with developed products and services ready to go to market and offering support, expert advice and the perfect test bed to launch your idea to a global travel market….how cool is that!

With this offer you could literally have it all and lift your new idea off the ground with all the support you could have ever asked for. Yes, publicity as a Marriott Hotel partner including press, social media and exposure at relevant events so when your idea is ready it will have no problem taking off. Marriott’s Accelerator programme is six-week programme which will see selected start-ups offered a variety of invaluable opportunities. Are you ready to embark on this once in a lifetime experience? For more details be sure to check out the video above…enjoy!

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