Japan External Trade Organization: Top 5 Reasons To Invest In Japan

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2 years ago

If you are looking for the perfect time to invest it’s now. With the way everything is going in the world not only is now the perfect time, but it’s also the perfect time to invest overseas in places like Japan! And although foreign investment may sound a bit scary we’re going to help break it down for you and show you just how profitable your decision can be!

Japan is an investment hotspot. The Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) is a government-related organization promoting mutual trade and investment between Japan and the rest of the world. With numerous activities that they are a part of, they offer foreign investors plenty of information to help you feel confident and trust in your foreign investment. They provide expert consultation and offer free temporary office space in major business areas all over the country. So why exactly should you chose Japan? We have 5 great reasons for you:
Japan’s Re-emergence
The Japanese economy is back on a recovery track after two very long decades. Their economy is now the perfect place to plant your investment and watch it thrive.

Sophisticated Market
There is a huge sophisticated market that exists in Japan. Japan’s GDP is nearly 500 trillion yen and believe it or not, the GDP is ranked 3rd in the entire world! It’s the perfect leading economy that boasts large-scale economic power.

Innovation Hub
Japan has an intellectual accumulation that generates innovation! Science and technology related research is conducted spiritedly in Japan. “Research funding as a percentage of GDP” and “Number of researchers per 10,000 people” is among the largest in the world. This is significant. They are also ranked first in the world by number of patents registered in patent offices in the US, Europe, and Japan, an appropriate index of high distribution value internationally. As for the number of patents granted per nationality of the applicant, the number of patents granted to Japanese nationals is ranked 1st.

Business Friendly Infrastructure
Japan is an easy environment for business. Their business environment is highly evaluated in the World Economic Forum’s “The Global Competitiveness Report of 2014-2015.” They also have world-class transportation infrastructure. Their railways annually carry 23 billion passengers. They also use Shinkansen a high-speed railway line. The number of departures from Tokyo station per hour is 15. Accidents resulting in injury or death since the start of service in 1964 is 0! That is unheard of! But wait it gets better…their average delay time is 36 seconds. Now that’s amazing!

Comfortable Living
Japan is a country where you can live safely and pleasantly. Their Global Peace Index 2014 rank is number one in Asia! And their OECD Better Life Index “safe” category is also ranked number one in the world! Some fun facts are that they have longest life expectancy in the world, a well-developed medical infrastructure, and they have an abundance of nurses, which sets them apart from everyone else.

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