Is Snapchat Becoming The Newest Shopping App?

Snapchat has been a go-to for mobile users to share their experiences to all their friends, but it might be the next biggest development in online shopping as well. According to Digital Trends, the mobile application is looking to sink its teeth in a “visual search” feature that allows you to take a picture of a product, or scan a barcode, and instantly be directed to a shopping site where that item can be purchased. Entitled ‘Eagle,’ the new feature has been talked about a lot throughout July and all of 2018.

But are things falling through for Snapchat? Originally, the plan for ‘Eagle’ was that it would redirect customers to Amazon’s website. Let’s face it, Amazon has basically everything you could ever need. Snapchat sought out an affiliate deal with the online marketplace monster in hopes that it would increase revenue for both of the companies.

However, ever since July 22nd, all mentions of the name Amazon in any ‘Eagle’ releases have been scrubbed from the code, indicating that Amazon will NOT be the route that Snapchat takes in their increased outreach in digital search and product purchasing. Additionally, Snapchat has not announced a substitute website for Amazon, so it is unclear A) if ‘Eagle’ will ever be able to launch off its feet and into the air, and B) what the new shopping website will be that pairs with the company.

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11 months ago
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