IKEA Is Finally Creating Smaller Stores

IKEA is planning on creating smaller stores. The plan is to start putting stores in more metropolitan areas. IKEA plans to target millennials who live in the city and do not have cars.

Finally, IKEA has realized its stores are too big and take nearly a full day just to go through. We have all been there where you go to IKEA to get a cheap side table. You find it close to the beginning of the store, and you’re ready to leave and spend the rest of the day assembling the table with the barely-understandable instructions. You can’t just leave, though; you have to weave through their whole maze of a store for another hour and a half till you find the exit.

IKEA has planned to put kiosks in these stores where you can just pick out your items and have them delivered. They also plan to add 11,500 online sales jobs to their company to help ramp up their online presence. This idea is perfect because it helps you avoid going to the store all together. This is great for IKEA as well, because now you can shop for your new side table while laying on your thrift store couch and realizing how uncomfortable it is. But hey, you’re already on the site, so just add that on-sale couch to your purchase. Good move, IKEA.

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6 months ago
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