Hurricane Florence By The Numbers

To this day, the costliest hurricane to hit the U.S. is Hurricane Katrina. The devastating 2005 storm cost the country around $161 billion. With Hurricane Florence slowing down and some of the damages being assessed, its time to see if Florence was as costly as analysts had predicted it to be.

During early stages of storm monitoring, Hurricane Florence looked to be growing to a category 4 hurricane. But, as the storm drove closer to the east coast, it lost some traction and was downgraded. Therefore, the early prediction of the costliness was at a whopping $170 billion, whereas now, as the storm slows down, we can analyze if it truly was as bad as it was predicted to be.

But North Caroline suffered a loss more priceless than any other. Five people were reported dead amidst the chaos of the storm as it went inland. Currently, there are many volunteer teams working against the clock to prevent more suffering.

Florence is expected affect over 759,000 homes and businesses through its wake. This includes damages, outings, etc. That could potentially be the biggest property loss to a hurricane in U.S. history.

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9 months ago
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