How To Start Buying Stock

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2 years ago

When it comes to stocks experts say it’s as important to know what to buy as it is to know what to avoid buying. Now if you’re convinced that you want to pick and choose individual stocks rather then invest in mutual funds there are lots of places to get ideas.

Where To Start
-The first place you should check out is the companies websites you are investing in. Here you can see how the company is doing and what they have to offer.
-The U.S. Securities And Exchange Commissions website is another great place to check out. Companies must file quarterly and annual reports with the agency. These can include details of current sales, projected performance, and more.
-To get a sense of what other individual investors are looking for check out the American Association Of Individual Investors website which includes many sample screeners used to identify stocks.

Key Mistakes To Avoid
-Don’t buy overpriced stocks…always remember what comes up must come down.
-Don’t make impulsive moves.
-Remember good companies are not always good stocks.
-Beware of pump and dump scams…make sure you know who you’re making deals with.

For more be sure to check out the video above!

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