How To Save Youself From Summer Splurges

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3 years ago

Steer Clear of Those Sneaky Summer Splurges

As summer is quickly coming to an end there is not doubt that we want to squeeze in every last bit of activity in the time that we have left before the kids head off to school.

And while summertime means family fun it’s not always fun for your wallet. So, to help ease the pain were about to tell you how to experience summer fun for less!


Sending Your Child Away To Camp

  1. Sending your child away to camp is a great idea but many families seem to want to spend anywhere from $600-1,000 for their child to experience summer fun. But, summer fun just doesn’t have to cost that much. To save some extra cash an excellent tip is to check out what your city has going on. Many times they have camps for your kids that are organized by the public, which costs a lot less, then privately run camps. They offer lower costs and sometimes they even allow you to pay based on your income.

Taking a Trip To The Zoo or Museum

  1. This is a great idea for a day trip and will allow your kids to experience and learn much more then they could ever imagine. But, not all zoo’s and museums are free. So, some things you need to take into consideration is when they offer free days, consider an annual family pass, check credit card for perks, and buy an entertainment booklet which offers exclusive coupons. This will help you save regularly especially if you are looking to take more than one trip.

Heading To The Movies

  1. Heading to the movies is great for a rainy day but between tickets and food the bill can start to climb pretty rapidly especially when you have a family of four or when inviting friends. So, the best recommendation when heading to the movies is to go midweek. Many movie theaters offer discounted admission on certain days and you can even get student discounts when showing ids. You can even find free movies in your city during certain times of the week.