How To Attract The Right Employees To Your Business

You’ve done what most would consider impossible; you’ve started your own business. You went through all the heavy lifting already by taking a seed of an idea and creating it into something real; your dream business. Now, you have to find the right people to help expand your dream and your goals. This part can often trip up new business owners, since it seems so simple these days with plenty of people looking for jobs. But, as with most things in life, it’s not about hiring the first people to show interest, it’s about hiring the right people. People who will help push you common goal and who believe in your mission statement.

Perhaps you’ve been attracting the wrong applicants to your business. Here are things to look out for when you’re seeking new employees:

1. Job description length: Make sure the job description you’ve posted isn’t too long. Just as a long resume is off-putting, so is a long job description. Be concise and clear.
2. Keep the title simple: Keep the job title short and sweet. Don’t get fancy with this piece, it may confuse people more than anything else. Use industry-related terms that are common enough to be understood by most.
3. Pay rate: Don’t disclose the pay rate until you meet the applicant. Applicants may be inclined to dismiss your job offer right off the bat if it doesn’t fit what they think they should be making.
4. Be clear on next steps: Make sure it’s clear what the applicant can expect after the job application. Things like general interview dates, what to bring, etc.

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1 year ago