How Much Money You Need To Live Comfortably In The 10 Biggest Cities

It seems to be the dream of most to eventually move to the big city and ‘make it.’ It’s the plot of many of books, movies and TV shows, for the main character to head to the city to live out their dreams. But what we often don’t see in the movies is how much money it actually takes to maintain a comfortable life in a big city. Do you ever wonder how much money it would take for you to live comfortably in a big city? Here’s a breakdown of 10 large U.S. cities, and how much money it would take per year to live there comfortably.

San Jose: $89,734
Dallas: $55,651
San Diego: $69,307
San Antonio: $46,238
Phoenix: $48,876
Philadelphia: $59,384
Houston: $60,795
Chicago: $68,671
Los Angeles: $74,371
New York: $87,446

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1 year ago