How Many Millennials Regret College & the Resulting Debt?

To degree or not to degree? That is the question.

A new study by INSIDER and a survey by Morning Consult have revealed that a surprising number of millennial graduates who are currently in debt regret going to college in the first place. The sheer number of people who believe college wasn’t worth it for financial reasons suggests a serious change from the past, although the reasons are fairly obvious.

The survey revealed that about half of graduates who are still in debt have doubts (in the very least) as to whether college was financially worthwhile. When asked about whether or not college was worth it financially, 21% said “definitely no,” 23% said “probably no.” On the other hand, nearly 27% said “definitely yes,” while 26% said “probably yes.” The reasons for these answers all boiled down to each individual’s debt situation. The most indebted students are the most likely to believe that college wasn’t worth it financially.

There is an underlying economic truth to the changes in attitudes regarding the value of college education. College tuition and student loan debt are objectively far higher than they’ve been at any other point in history. Student loan debt is cited as the biggest obstacle to home ownership. According to several economists, including Richard Vedder, Professor Emeritus of Economics at Ohio University, a college degree has less raw financial value than it did a decade ago. Of course, geographic location, choice in major, personal qualities and much more will always play a huge part in whether or not your college degree will a return its investment.

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2 months ago