Home Renovations That Are Smart To Make Before Retirement

If retirement is around the corner, it’s time to think about what to spend money on now, and what can wait until later. It may be a while before you can make big purchases or investments, since you won’t have that steady paycheck coming in anymore. Perhaps it’s time to make some home renovations before you retire…as those tend to cost a pretty penny, especially when they are unplanned. Also, with retirement, often comes selling of the home. These renovations will give your home that it factor it needs to do well on the market if retirement leads to selling your home!

Here are 5 home renovations to consider doing before you retire:

1. Replace your garage door: Not only is this an important renovation that is best done rather than put off, but it will also give your home more curb appeal for potential buyers if you decide to sell.
2. Kitchen remodel: This can be minor, but kitchen renovations seldom run cheap. Also, according to Zillow, the kitchen is the most important room in the house when potential buyers are looking.
3. Bathroom remodel: Update the color most definitely to keep it up with current styles. This room is also extremely important when it comes to potential buyers.
4. Master suite addition: Though your master suite has sufficed all these years, it’s time to fall in love all over again with your bedroom.
5. Roof replacement: This is one improvement, similar to the garage door, that you don’t want to play around with. It’s time to replace that roof while you can afford it, so it doesn’t become an emergency fund withdrawal.

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1 year ago
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