Halo Technologies: The Company That’s Taking 3D Printing To A Whole New Level!

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1 year ago

If you know anything about the Internet and technology, then you have heard about the latest technological fad, the 3D Printing machine. The creative minds at Halo Technologies in West Palm Beach, Florida took the time to show us one of their plastic 3D printers in action.

What better way to showcase the fantastic new technological ability than by making a 3D Pikachu figurine in a matter of minutes? (But in the case of shrinking attention spans, we have sped it up to seconds) This futuristic machine uses, in this case, melted plastic to create 3D sculptures and models and scannings of environments and objects alike. The folks at Halo Technologies have the ability to bring your ideas to life through a variety of materials from metal to plastic in a variety of complexities as well as sizes.

While creating hundreds of Pokémon seems important enough, 3D printers also give architects the ability to bring their ideas to life. Along with interior designers the option of scanning a room and printing an exact 3D model of said room allowing for easier planning.

Watch the video above for an example of the incredible advancement above, to learn more visit their website at www.halotechnologiesllc.com or visit their office at 226 Datura St in West Palm Beach Florida.