Google Buys 52-Acre Office Park for $1 Billion

Google continues to cement its ownership of Silicon Valley with a new real estate purchase.

Google has purchased ownership of a 52-acre office park in Mountain View, California, a stone’s throw from their own headquarters, the “Googleplex.” Google has actually been leasing this space for a while now, sitting as the main tenant of the 12 buildings that comprise the park, but now it’s sitting at the top of this particular food chain. Google would not comment on what exactly this purchase was for, adding another mystery to a pile built by some of their recent purchases.

Earlier in the month, Google paid $110 million for a 10.5 acre space in San Jose, California, on which they plan to build a new campus, with the possibility to purchase another 11 acres pending city approval in December. In the first quarter of 2018, Google also slapped down $2.4 billion to purchase Chelsea Market in New York City. Again, no specific intent, though CFO Ruth Porat said that the company prefers “owning rather than leasing real estate when we see good opportunities.”

As Google grows in the digital world, so too does it grow within our own. Whether they plan to lease these spaces or use them privately remains a mystery.

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6 months ago
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