Get the Most Out of Your Beauty Products

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2 years ago

Did you know you could save your beauty products and your money from going to waste? With these easy makeup hacks, the high cost of beauty is going to get a lot lower. Of course, the first rule in saving money when it comes to beauty is don’t buy too many products you don’t need and take care of the ones you do with these easy tricks:

Heat from a room or even dampness from a steamy shower can cause the ingredients in beauty products break down faster, making them less effective. Extend their shelf life by placing them in a cool dry area or even in your fridge to keep them far away from heat and sunlight.

Another cool trick for making your makeup last longer has to do with a woman’s most cherished possession, her lipstick! If you’ve found the perfect shade for an evening out and just the right coral for a sunny afternoon, don’t let bacteria build up. Just place them in the freezer overnight and you’ll have lipstick bliss.

Is that nail polish color looking a little lumpy? Don’t toss it! Just add a few drops of nail polish thinner and your polish will be as good as new. If you don’t have some lying around, a bottle of nail polish thinner should only cost you about $4, much less than buying a whole new bottle of polish every time.