Fitbit On A Budget

All you athletes out there: stop spending money on overpriced Fitbits and smart watches to keep track of your health. There are so many alternatives that don’t require you to pay more for the name brand than you do for the actual product itself. Here’s a few ways you can still get the athletic accessory you desperately want in your life without having to pay hundreds of dollars.

Digital Trends recommends switching from overly expensive products to the Garmin Vivofit 3. At less than 60 dollars, this athletic tracker has a 1-year battery life span that is ensured to get you your money’s worth. It’s also the latest in Garmin’s line of Vivofit products, so it boasts many improvements over previous installment s like the Charge 2.

Additionally, if Garmin isn’t your style, you can get a 20 dollar Toobur Fitness Tracker on Amazon. While it may be basic, it has the same functionality you would want out of a Fitbit of Apple Watch without the fancy screens and synchronization features.

If you’re looking for quality, durability, and style, of course you’re going to pay more money. Fitbit products average up to 200 dollars for the latest device, and Apple Watches rocket even higher than that. If you’re looking to bulk up on a budget or get into the digital activewear industry, starting with one of these options might be the better idea.

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7 months ago
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