Find Out How Two Unlikely Entrepreneurs Are Transforming Their Community!

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1 year ago

South Los Angeles is an American food desert, but in the midst of it all Spank and News are just trying to make a difference in their community. Their story is truly inspiring. The two are apart of an underground restaurant that you would only know about if you follow them on social media! So UPROXX met up with the two rival gang members to talk about how they are bridging the divide in their community through food!

Trap Kitchen is the first social media underground restaurant. You can only order one away, so if you don’t have Instagram you can’t order. Their idea is unique. They realized that not everyone can afford to eat at a 5-star restaurant, so they want to bring that to the streets. They mixed social media with their hustle mentality of the streets and they saw huge results from it.

They knew that if they wanted to make a difference it wasn’t going to be at your typical 9-5 as neither of them have a college degree, but they still have to provide for their families. They realized once they could bring unity to their community it was a done deal…this became their passion.

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