Fabiola Molina Discusses What It’s Like Partnering With FedEx And Establishing A Successful Business

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2 years ago

Many of you may already know Fabiola Molina. She is a successful swimmer, specializing in the butterfly and backstroke, who is competing at a professional level around the world and in the Olympics for Brazil!

It all started when Fabiola really did not feel comfortable in the suits she was wearing. She wanted something that was comfortable, stylish, and fun! She really wanted to be able to train outside and not get those awful tan lines. So Fabiola decided she was going to start designing her own suits. As she began to showcase these suits when she was training and competing many started to come up to her and compliment her suits and ask where they could find them. And that’s when Fabiola knew she could make a difference and provide these people with an online service where swimmers from all over could find and buy the suits.
It’s so important in business that you do what you love. Fabiola had a passion for swimming and finding suits that were comfortable for her. She then took what she learned and applied it to her new business to help others find suits that they really love. Fabiola also knows that time for people is so valuable and so she took that and ran with it. After opening her online store in 2005 and noticed that the business was taking off, in 2007 she partnered with FedEx Express making the delivery process super fast and secure. This was big for her company and really shaped it into what it is today.

Fabiola Molina is such an inspiration to both the sport of swimming and in the business world. There is so much to learn from her and what she has accomplished so far. For more details be sure to check out the video above.