Extend the Life of Household Items

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2 years ago

We love learning easy ways to save money and be a savvy modern keeper of the house at the same time! Use a few simple tricks to extend the life of your household items to get the most for your money.

extendthelifeofhouseholditems1Enjoy your favorite candle for twice as long with this little tip Just place your candles in the freezer for 24 hours before you light them. The cold temperature will harden the wax and slow down the melting process.

Toothpaste can be pretty expensive these days, with three stripes of color and special trade-marked minty goodness, why let it go to waste?

Companies want you to think that the more you use the better, but in fact a small pea-sized amount is what most dentists recommend.

extendthelifeofhouseholditems2There’s nothing we like more than a beautiful handmade, organic bar of soap. As we all know, exposure to water will make the bar deteriorate faster, so be sure to keep that new fancy aromatherapy lemon-balm soap in a dish with plenty of holes for drainage.

Another hard-worker is laundry detergent, in many cases you can use just half of what the manufacturer recommends and still get everything just as clean! It’s even better for your washing machine to use less soap.

The same goes for dishwasher detergent, use too much and you’re just pouring your money down the drain.