Don’t Use Your Credit Card For These Purchases

Credit cards are tempting. Sometimes, we put our purchases on plastic because it’s “easier” and “more convenient,” but there are some purchases you just shouldn’t charge. WiseDime is going to evaluate all of the purchases you shouldn’t let through your credit card so that you can keep your credit in good shape and ensure you won’t fall into debt.

First off, if you’re already in debt, don’t charge anything to your credit card. Keep it at home, and avoid any sales that would tempt you to buy an item you don’t actually need. Additionally, consolidating your debt onto one credit card can lead to a high annual percentage rate that accrues more interest than needed.

A lot of people think that large purchases like furniture, cars, etc. should be paid for with a credit or charge card. These people would be wrong. By letting these purchases sit on your credit card, you’re opening yourself up to falling behind in your payments. You’ll owe the credit card company even more money than you expected by doing these things.

Lastly, keep your late night purchases, including drinks, fast food, or club purchases, to cash only. It’s easy to get carried away by letting a night-out turn into an opportunity for over-spending.

Always be cautious when you pull out that credit card…

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1 year ago
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