Don’t Think Your Credit Score Is Important? Think Again!

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2 years ago

Have you ever wondered why you’re asked to constantly check your credit score? What does it mean if your credit score is too low or if you’re not active in you’re score enough? These are all common questions that do get over looked by most people, yet you can’t afford to over look them…we promise! So here are some basic things you need to know about credit scores:

1. What is a credit score? A credit score simply put is the only grade score that’s going to matter after your done with your schooling and they range from 300-850.

2. What score are you aiming for? Ideally you want to keep your credit score above 760. If you aim for this you’re going to thank yourself for it later.

3. What are the biggest factors that go into making your credit score?

  • Never Miss a bill.
  • Say no to credit card debt.
  • Maintain credit history as long as possible.

Your credit score is the number that represents you financially, and it really does matter. It may seem like you haven’t used your credit score yet so why bother but you’re going to need it for so many things like retirement, loans, and much more. Once you have a low score you will find it hard to borrow money and even invest! So keep that score high and keep your personal finances healthy!

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