Does The Workplace Need More ‘Play’ Time?

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2 years ago

Your typical 9-5 has receievd a bad reputation over the years and understandably so. Work has become such a burdern that everyone typically wakes up dreading the fact that they have to sit at a desk all day and answer phone call after phone call. While this is the case for most companies some companies seem to see it a little differently.

For example, Google sees it as an 80/20 split. 80% of the work day should be spent working while the other 20% should be spent playing. And becuase of their theory many companies have adopted this method and it’s working. Companies are working hard, but then they are rewarding their employees hard work with a day of fun! They are going to cool places and doing fun things. It makes work a little more enjoyable and productive.

Think about it, you spend the majority of your day at work and if you’re miserable doing that then in the long run you’re really not going to be happy and you won’t be delivering quality work. Check out the video above to see what exactly this new idea is about and be sure to share it with your boss…enjoy!

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