Do Your Coworkers Hate The Way You Talk?


Experts have said that seven in ten American workers are guilty of using corporate or workplace ‘jargon’ in the office. Most American’s said that they use the lingo out of habit. But some workers can’t stand it and stop listening if someone is using it. Around 30 percent of these workers also use the language to test their coworkers and or for assimilation purposes. So what are the most popular jargon phrases? Here are the most ‘cringeworthy’ ones.
“Give it 110 percent.”
“Think outside the box.”
“Hammer it out.”
“Heavy lifting.”
“Throw them under the bus.”
So the next time you are thinking about using any of these phrases, please refrain. It may make your coworkers steer clear of any and all conversations with you.

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1 year ago
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