Cost-Effective Cloud Storage

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4 years ago


Keep Up With The Cloud

Back in the day clunky external hard drives used to set you back hundreds of dollars. Well not anymore. Welcome to the future! The days of paying big bucks for drive space are coming to an end and it’s all thanks to the elusive little tech term, cloud storage.

costeffectivecloudstorage1What exactly is cloud storage and is it really a more cost-effective way of backing up your files? Contrary to popular belief, okay, contrary to what we thought it was before we watched this video, cloud storage is not a little angel emoji keeping our files safe from harm, it’s actually just another place to save your files.

Instead of having your work spreadsheets saved in a storage device connected to your computer through USB, they’re saved in storage devices connected to your computer remotely through the internet. These remote storage locations are typically owned and managed by hosting companies like Google Drive, Dropbox or iCloud.

Backing up your data this way has some distinct advantages, first, cloud storage allows you to access your archived files from multiple devices, anywhere you have an internet connection. Most cloud storage companies will get you started with free storage space and no strings attached!