Chef Boyardee Products Recalled Due to Labeling Error

An error has caused Chef Boyardee to recall nearly 3,000 pounds of microwave-prepared servings.

The products have been recalled over fears that they may have been mislabeled and contain allergens that are not reflected on the labeling.

The products that were recalled were not dangerous, just mislabeled. If you’ve consumed a Chef Boyardee meal recently, if you got what you paid for, everything is in order. As for the recall, many meals that were labeled one way may contain other ingredients. The main error was that meals labeled “rice and chicken”, actually contain beef ravioli. Beef ravioli contains both wheat and dairy products, both of which are common allergens and must be labeled properly to be considered safe for public consumption. The issue was brought to light by several concerned customers that reported the mistake to Chef Boyardee.

The US Department of Agriculture’s FSIS reports that the recalled products were produced and packaged on January 16th. All of the impacted products are 7.5 ounce cans labeled “Chef Boyardee Rice With Chicken & Vegetables.” The best by date should be July 8th, 2020 and have a code of 210090151050045L.

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2 months ago
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