Check Out These Must Have Money Saving Apps

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2 years ago

Most of us are caught up in the age of technology to the point were we rarely find ourselves writing checks anymore. Most of us just link our bank accounts to the loan or subscription that we want to pay and the amount comes out of our account at the same time every month.

Yes, it is very convenient, but there are many times were we forget about all the subscriptions that we have and the charges just keep growing. And in order to cancel these charges typically the wait time on the phone is about an hour or more.

If you’re anything like me who doesn’t have that kind of time, then this app is for you, it’s called TrueBill. TrueBill is an app that finally helps you control your recurring bills. They go far beyond finding your subscriptions they even wait on the phone for you to cancel them…that’s right! I

t really is that easy so you have to check them out. For more details on this app and apps just like it be sure to check out the video above.

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