Can Ice Cubes Keep Your Electric Bill Down?

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7 months ago

When the heat ramps up in the summer, we ramp up the A/C units, and that ramps up our electricity bill. Wisedime is all for saving you money, so regardless of how simple it might be, take these tips into consideration before you air condition your home 24/7 for the next few months.

Close Your Blinds
Whether its curtains, blinds, or you just have to hang a blanket over your window, covering those intense sun rays through your window can save you up to 10 percent every month on your electric bill, as it will inherently cool down your rooms a degree or two.

Ice Cubes
You don’t have to put any down your shirt to keep cool. Instead, you can use the extra ice cubes you have from your ice machine, put them in a metal bowl, and point a fan at it. The cool breeze that is generated can produce the same feeling as turning on the central A/C unit, but at a fraction of the cost.

Remembering That Heat Rises
This one’s a bit more tricky to understand. For starters, if you live on a top floor of a multiplex home, moving your bedroom downstairs for the summer could cool you down. But for those looking for a more intricate solution, crack open the bottom of the windows on the side of your house that the wind hits, then crack open the top of the windows on the other side. Since heat rises, you’ll have cool air entering your house when breezes hit, and it will exit on the opposite side instead of lingering around due to a vacuum effect.

From simple, to smart, to downright strange, each of these tips might save you some money this summer.

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