Bye, Bye, Beetle

The end of an era is nearing for Volkswagen, as they say goodbye to their beloved and iconic Beetle model of car. While there has been speculation for a while on whether or not the brand would continue producing such cars, sales plummeted to just over 15,000 units over the course of 2017. This low number signified the car’s decline in popularity. Therefore, the company made the executive decision to pull the plug on production in 2019.

But, the beetle won’t go out without a bang. There are two new, final models that are going to be released next year to celebrate the legacy of the car. This legacy dates back to 1938, when the first model was produced and distributed. CEO of Volkswagen cites that the car has been a part of “three generations” of families across “seven decades,” but it was ultimately time for the company to move on and create more contemporary, family-friendly cars.

The last two models to be released will be coupe and convertible style dubbed the Final Edition SE and the Final Edition SEL respectively. The coupe will begin pricing at just over $23,000, where the convertible will sit at a comfortable $27,000. The price is respectable given that they will be the last of its kind distributed.

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9 months ago
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