Avengers: Infinity War Or Infinite Earnings?

Only the most elite movies can cross the 2 billion dollar mark at the box office. Avenger’s: Infinity War just crossed that milestone, making it one of four movies in history that have broken that threshold internationally.

The other contenders? James Cameron’s Avatar still holds the number one spot with $2.7 billion in total earnings, followed by the everlasting Titanic and lastly the resurgence of the Star Wars franchise with the film Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

And now Infinity War makes number four. Interestingly, though, almost $700 million of that 2 billion dollar total was domestic earnings. It was the second fastest movie to reach over 500 million dollars at the U.S. box office, but actually ranks lower in terms of total domestic sales. Marvel’s Black Panther made more domestically by over 40 million dollars, the film just did not fare as well overseas.

Marvel has been dominating the box office for a long time, constantly producing high quality, entertaining movies that attract large numbers. For a movie whose budget was estimated at $300 million, racking in over 2 billion dollars seems like a win for Disney and Marvel.

The final Avenger’s movie is set to release in 2019, and who knows just how much that movie will make?

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1 year ago
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