Arizona’s Beast Of A Burger Costs How Much?

Food is a delicacy. Sometimes, a great meal is worth splurging on. Then you have the Arizona Cardinal’s newest menu item. First off, I wouldn’t say anything at a sports stadium could be considered quality dining, but that didn’t stop this sports team from raising the stakes, and prices, of food on their menu to push dining boundaries. This new challenge on their menu will not only blow you away, but make you a lot less hungry just by looking at the size of this “meal.”

Meet the Gridiron Burger. Clocking in at 7 pounds, this hulking hunk of meat will run you 75 bucks at your next Cardinals games… and it comes with a catch. If you can finish it under one hour, you’ll be awarded a free Cardinals jersey and get your name and photo placed on the stadium scoreboard. But what exactly is all that money going for in terms of food?

Well you’re not just getting one “burger” per say, because the Gridiron contains 5 patties. Not only that, it also has 5 hot dogs, 8 slices of bacon, 8 chicken tenders, 12 ounces of fries, lettuce, tomatoes, and probably the entire Cardinals team inside of it, too.

The bottom line comes down to this: would you pay 75 dollars for a meal? If you’re answer is yes, at least make it something that’s not overly greasy sports stadium food. Save the expensive meals for fine wine and dining. Use the money at your next sports events for hotdogs and a coke.

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7 months ago
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