Are You One Paycheck Away From Being Homeless?


So, most Americans believe it or not are one paycheck away from being homeless. Are you in that situation? Well, no matter if you are or are not your going to want to listen to these steps from keeping you and your family off of the streets:

  1. Tell the truth: When you go to an advisor to talk about your money habits, don’t lie. That is the number one thing most Americans who see an advisor are guilty of. When asked how many times you eat out a week and you say 0 when you really eat out everyday then you are only hurting yourself.
  2. Look for things in your house you can sell: If your looking to make an extra buck all you have to do is check around your house. If your not using that brand new TV you have had in a box that was never opened you have a good chance of selling it to someone on sites like Amazon or Ebay.
  3. Figure out what you can cut: For example, you can call almost any credit card company and say hey listen, it’s the new year you either give me a better price or I’m leaving and 99% of the time you get a better deal. This goes for cable companies as well and even cell phone companies.
  4. What else can you earn: Don’t just go to your boss and say you need a raise because they will laugh at you. Tell them your value to the company and create a job for yourself and you will be surprised how willing they maybe.
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3 years ago