Apple Seeing Success With Wearable Tech

Apple saw its best quarter ever at the finish of last year after shipping 8 million Apple Watches in Q4 2017. This not only marks Apple’s most successful quarter ever, it is also the best quarter ever for any wearable tech company. The company recently added some new additions to its wearable lineup, including the Series 3 and the Series 3 with LTE connectivity, giving the wearer the chance to go phone-less with their watch. The release of the two newer watches played a big role in accelerating this Q4 growth.

The company saw a slight slowdown in 2016, so this boost has been extremely beneficial. Apple has also been under slight scrutiny lately for the battery life of the iPhone. Though they have been offering replacements for a small fee, people have long been complaining about issues with their iPhone’s battery life. Another tidbit that has been less than redeeming for Apple is the lack of sales the tech giant has seen for the iPhone X. In fact, iPhone 7 and 8 sales have been exceeding iPhone X sales.

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1 year ago