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Everyone in the world knows about Silicon Valley now.

Many who are looking to make it in the tech world dream of setting foot in Silicon Valley and leaving their mark on the world. This makes Silicon Valley a great source of inspiration, but it’s far from the only tech hub in the US.

Silicon Valley may be the golden standard in the tech world right now, but it’s an expensive place to live. It never hurts to keep your options open. Here are a few American tech hubs that offer workers in the industry good pay and room to grow. The results are from an annual study conducted by SmartAsset.

  1. Columbus, Ohio kept the top spot in the study for the third year in a row. When someone says “tech” you might not think of Ohio right away, but if you’re in tech, Columbus offers you amazing benefits. The average tech worker in Columbus makes 1.8 times as much as the average worker across all industries. At the same time, the cost of living in Columbus is lower than the national average. With no need to worry about exorbitant rent costs, and a high salary, Columbus is a great place for tech.
  2. The second place goes to Dallas, Texas. Dallas has a relatively large tech scene, with 4.23% of all workers in the city working for tech companies. On top of this, the cost-of-living index places Dallas in the same rung as Columbus. Dallas also has the 14th highest average tech salary found in the study at $93,820.
  3. Raleigh, North Carolina made the third place. 5.7% of workers in Raleigh work in the tech industry, and their average salary is $91,680. Unemployment is low in Raleigh, as is the cost of living, making it a great place for a tech worker to get a job and buy a house.
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