America’s Billionaires Boasting An Impressive Year, Already

If you are a billionaire in the United States, 2018 has been very kind to you already. The 7 wealthiest American billionaires have already raked in a whopping $17 billion this year. For those of you keeping score at home, it’s only mid-January…which means these supreme 7 are on track to make around $408 billion this year, if things continue to run smoothly of course.

Mark Zuckerberg, by no shock, is on the list of the 7. He has already brought in $4 billion since January 1st. Just a casual couple of weeks in the office, right? The Facebook CEO has jumped from 5th to 4th on Bloomberg’s Billionaires list due to this early year surge. It has also helped that Facebook’s shares have climbed more than 5 percent. Zuckerberg is now worth $77 billion.

But, Zuckerberg isn’t the highest grossing 2018 billionaire thus far. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos tops the current leaderboard earning $4.71 billion so far this year. Amazon continues to top and downright pummel the online shopping and retail world, putting plenty of brick and mortar retailers out of business or close to it.

It’s not so bad being a billionaire in 2018, is it?

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1 year ago
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