Amazon Sells Clothes And Christmas Trees

The holidays are (unfortunately) almost upon us, but that’s no reason to be a scrooge; luckily, Amazon has got us covered in all directions. Two breaking stories out of the online retail giant to report in today’s article. The first piece of information is that they have successfully surpassed Walmart to become the number 1 clothes and shoe retailer in the U.S. The second piece of news is that… Amazon is going to be selling fresh Christmas Trees delivered to your door.

So that second one is a bit odd, so let’s quickly go over the former. Amazon’s apparel and footwear section is expected to do $30 billion in business this year, making it have 35 percent of the market share in this area. With Amazon’s worth hitting over $1 trillion less than a month ago, they are on track to demolish the traditional department store idea, potentially putting Macy’s out of business. Additionally, they have recently partnered with J. Crew, among other high fashion brands, in order to collectively promote apparel for market growth.

Finally, we get to the Christmas tree conundrum. I don’t know how Amazon intends to make shopping for Christmas trees online a thing, but they’re just crazy enough to possibly make it work. They’re offering 7-foot trees that will be shipped (with Prime, of course) within ten days of being chopped down. Now I don’t know if this is just people being lazy or if it is the best holiday sale idea ever. We’ll have to wait until November to see how this plays out.

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10 months ago
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