Amazon Has Another Huge Year In 2017

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11 months ago

Amazon came storming through the finish line of 2017 U.S. retail sales, raking in the big bucks as per usual. According to a study from One Click Retail, Amazon accounted for four percent of US retail sales, along with 44 percent of US e-commerce sales in 2017. The e-commerce giant’s share has grown from an estimated 149 billion dollars to hit 197 billion. In other words, Amazon is growing, growing, gone.

The CEO of Amazon is proving to be a success as well. Jeff Bezos is now worth $105 billion, making him the richest man alive, surprising Warren Buffet, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg. That’s quite the lineup to be associated with as he takes the lead in the billionaire pack.

As for 2018, the company already has plans in place for a huge ad push. According to Business Insider, Amazon is developing a slew of digital ad offerings, mostly surrounding the company’s e-commerce and video products, to release in 2018.