Amazon Drone Delivery Just Months Away

The online retail giant has revealed their new drone, which carries several noticeable differences from previous drones.

Amazon has showcased their newest drone, which features upgrades to the previous models’ navigation systems. Amazon began their drone delivery plans back in 2013, and have since showcased several versions of the drone they hope to eventually use for their drone delivery service. At the moment, the Prime Air service is still in its early phases, but you can reasonably expect to have packages weighing less than 5 pounds delivered to your balcony by drone in a matter of months.

Drone delivery will, of course, be very fast, taking around 30 minutes on average. The drones should be able to find their way with ease thanks to new artificial intelligence updates. The newer drone also comes equipped with updated stereo vision and sensors, providing greater risk control than previous drones. Amazon reports that the new drone is much better at automatically detecting and avoiding stationary physical obstructions. The drones are also going to be better at finding an appropriate landing spot while avoiding branches, power lines, and the like.

These drone updates were all unveiled at Amazon’s re:MARS conference in Las Vegas. MARS stands for Machine Learning, Robotics, and Space. The re:MARS conferences typically showcase the latest updates to Amazon’s drones, and you can view these demonstrations online.

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8 months ago
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