AIM Holographic’s Brings Science Fiction To Reality

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1 year ago

We had the privilege of hanging out with Carl Minardo, CEO and Founder of AIM Holographic. Typically the word “Hologram” brings the image of a Sci-Fi future appears in ones mind; well, now it’s a reality. AIM has brought both small-scale as well as large-scale holograms to the stage as well as to your own home (for the right price of course).

One of the most interesting goals of AIM is the creation of personal holographic eulogies at funerals. The concept is rather than an open casket and pictures, record yourself young giving a speech for everyone to watch at your funeral. Imagine that…Standing at your own funeral giving a speech.

The possibilities are limitless; imagine a president giving a live campaign speech in all 50 states with less stress on resources and security. Artists could give a concert in two places at once, you could contact loved ones in real time in a realistic matter. One of the most significant possibilities is a professor instructing two classes live in two different states in real time.

Universities are jumping at the opportunity to save money on staffing and also give more students the same learning opportunity as others. Check out the video above to see the life-sized holograms in action, then let us know what you think in the comments below!

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