A Look Into Elon Musk’s Unique Mindset

Most of the biggest CEOs today are known to have quirky schedules, behaviors, and beliefs.

Elon Musk has a particularly interesting take on the universe, as well as the world we’re living in today. Here are some of the most interesting ideas he’s shared so far.

Martian Government: Musk has thought long and hard about the technicalities of transportation to Mars and back on a regular basis. Not only that, he’s also considered what a human government on Mars would look like. Specifically, Musk has stated his belief that democracy on Mars should be direct, as opposed to representative. “So it would be people voting directly on issues. And I think that’s probably better because the potential for democracy is substantially diminished,” Musk explained during the code conference in 2016.

Nuking Mars: Of course, life on Mars wouldn’t be anything like what we’re used to here on Earth. Musk has explained that the first journey to the planet will be dangerous, and the pioneers who go should be “prepared to die.” Musk also has a plan to warm Mars: thermonuclear strikes warming the planet up and creating the Martian equivalent of two suns over the planet’s poles.

Dissuading people from using semi-autonomous driving technology: Musk has stated that trying to stop people from using semi-autonomous vehicles is like killing them. “And think carefully about this because if in writing some article that’s negative you effectively dissuade people from using autonomous vehicles, you’re killing people,” Musk explained in 2016.

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