A Look At The Stock Market Monday, Jan. 7th

Here’s a look at the stock market on Monday, January 7th.

Indexes are mostly flat across the board, with no major gains or drops. The S&P 500 saw little change since a major surge the day before, and started off the day with a 0.14 percent increase at 2,535.61 points. The opening bell also saw The Dow Jones up 0.12 percent, opening at 23,461.17 points, and the NASDAQ Composite was up 0.28 percent at 6,757.54 points. Although coming off the biggest one day surge of 2019, unclear trade negotiations with China and the ongoing U.S. government shutdown have slowed investing on Monday.

Some of the big movers to look at today in the S&P 500 index are Mattel (MAT) which is trading up 5.7 percent, and PG & E Corp (PGE), trading up 18.7 percent. In the Dow Jones Industrial Average, investors should look at Visa (V) which was trading up 0.6 percent, and registers a 1.9 percent gain year to year. Dollar Tree (DLTR) tops the Nasdaq 100 with a year to year 7.3 percent gain and trading up 4.3 percent today.

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3 months ago
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