A Few Tricks to Save Money Without Leaving the House

You can slash your bills and add to your savings without leaving home. For instance, negotiating bills you thought were set in stone is actually pretty easy. A quick phone call to your cable company to ask about new promotions takes just a few minutes. Mentioning that you are thinking of cutting the cord and using streaming services like Hulu and Netflix to fulfill your television-watching needs to the rep may provide further motivation to help you reduce your monthly bill.

If high medical bills are holding you back, call the hospital or medical office and ask about getting assistance. The thresholds are surprisingly high in most places. Working out a payment plan that fits into your budget will keep the account out of collections and protect your credit score.

To save on groceries, limit meals out and commit to eating a vegetarian dinner at least once a week. Put the money you save toward paying down high-interest debt or pad your emergency fund.

Everyone has things laying around that they no longer want or use. Use online selling platforms like Mercari and Poshmark to unload name-brand clothing and home goods. If there’s an expensive item on your wish list, check these online sites to see if you can get it for a discounted price.

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8 months ago
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