A $380 Million Dollar Make Over

What’s better than national landmarks? Closing them down for five years, spending a ridiculous amount of money making them pretty, and reopening them to look basically the same. I don’t know, St. Louis thought it was a good idea.

Mother Nature Network reported that a total of $380 million was spent to renovate the St. Louis Gateway Arch. After five grueling years the park attraction is reopened, now with a new “world-class” museum at the the feet of the arch and a brand new name: The Gateway Arch National Park.

The park is now centered around these renovations, making the park more accessible to the main attractions. Since its debut in 1965, the St. Louis staple has been the highest arch in the world.

The reopening ceremony began on July 4 that is offering saving through this celebration of culture, featuring a new high-tech museum and offering free food for visitors. With so much history and excitement bubbling around the new national park, we’re still deciding if it was the best use of $380 million for the city.

There’s no doubt that tourist revenue is about to skyrocket as high as the arch itself.

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8 months ago