9 Low-Cost Business Ideas to Do While You’re in College

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2 years ago

The cost of college is no joke, but students can still find ways to make money. With that being said, here are 9 low-cost business ideas to do while in college to make those student loans a lot easier to pay off:

1. Residential Cleaning Service
-Have clients supply the cleaning equipment, advertise online and go by word-of-mouth.
2. Moving Service
-Requires little start-up cash and heavy lifting.
3. Child Caretaker
-Babysitters rely on trust. A background-check and first aid certification are good places to start.
4. Tutor
-SAT tutors earn top dollar, but you can also subject tutor within your school or for high school students.
5. Event Organizer
-If you are a social person who likes to coordinate and pull things together, this may be a perfect fit.
6. Resume Writing Service
-If you’re detail-oriented and have a knack for organizing information, resume writing can pay up to $20/hr.
7. Bookkeeping
-Accounting knowledge is helpful, but you should be familiar with softwares like QuickBooks.
8. Jewelry Making
-The kind of jewelry you make will determine the starting costs. Begin with low-cost material to start.
9. Delivery And Errand Service
-If you go to college in a small town where services like Seamless aren’t in place, this is a good niche to fill.

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