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9 Low-Cost Business Ideas to Do While You’re in College

The cost of college is no joke, but students can still find ways to make money. With that being said, here are 9 low-cost business ideas to do while in college to make those student loans a lot easier to pay off:

1. Residential Cleaning Service
-Have clients supply the cleaning equipment, advertise online and go by word-of-mouth.
2. Moving Service
-Requires little start-up cash and heavy lifting.
3. Child Caretaker
-Babysitters rely on trust. A background-check and first aid certification are good places to start.
4. Tutor
-SAT tutors earn top dollar, but you can also subject tutor within your school or for high school students.
5. Event Organizer
-If you are a social person who likes to coordinate and pull things together, this may be a perfect fit.
6. Resume Writing Service
-If you’re detail-oriented and have a knack for organizing information, resume writing can pay up to $20/hr.
7. Bookkeeping
-Accounting knowledge is helpful, but you should be familiar with softwares like QuickBooks.
8. Jewelry Making
-The kind of jewelry you make will determine the starting costs. Begin with low-cost material to start.
9. Delivery And Errand Service
-If you go to college in a small town where services like Seamless aren’t in place, this is a good niche to fill.

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