7 Phrases To Stop Using At Work To Get Ahead

It’s safe to say the majority of your day is probably spent in a work environment. You’re constantly around people you want to make a good impression on and everything you say DOES matter. It’s the little things that count and there are so many ways to constantly improve around your co-workers. With that being said, to get ahead at work, stop using these phrases out loud and in e-mails.

-It minimizes the power of your statement.

I’m No Expert But…
-It makes you seem less credible.

What If We Tried
-Make your opinion clear and direct.

I Can’t
-Instead, use “I won’t.”

-It creates a lack of trust and maturity.

Exclamation Points And Emojis
-These make you look insecure.

Am I Making Sense
-You sound unqualified and makes your audience question your ability.

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3 years ago
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