7 Inventive Ways To Make Money Using Your Credit Card

Want to make more money? Here’s how you can earn more using your credit card.
1. Get money with discount and cash-back credit cards. Consider getting a Capital One Platinum card that offers 1.5% cash back or sign up for store credit cards to earn discounts.
2. Earn sign – up bonuses. Choose a card that offers the most bonus points. Then, use the points awarded for travel, gift cards or anything else the points are meant for.
3. Shop online. Some cards allow you to earn cashback or points just by shopping online. Log into your card’s account to access these savings.
4. Join Acorns and link a credit card. This app rounds up purchases and uses the spare change to invest in a diversified portfolio to make you money.
5. Sell your rewards points – carefully. Offer to buy flights for friends and family with your points, in exchange for cash. Earn free cash using your 0% cards. Pay the minimum balance and place cash in the amount you charged in an account to earn interest. Then, pay off the card when the rate period ends.
6. Get free ancillary benefits. The Chase Sapphire Preferred card offers free rental car insurance. Some Citibank cards add and extended warranty on products you purchase.

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1 year ago