5 or So Years from Retiring? Here’s a To-Do List

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2 years ago

Are you ready to retire? Well, if your last workday is around 5 years away then we have the perfect to do list for you:


Write It Down
Figure out where your retirement income will come from and what exactly you will be spending it on. Hiring a financial advisor/retirement advisor before you leave your job is probably the best decision. They will help you analyze your accounts and will help you get on track.

Look At Asset Allocation
Consider how you’re invested across all of your retirement accounts..even within each mutual fund. There might be a lot of overlap.

Get Rid Of Debt
The majority of retirees have a huge amount or credit card debt and you don’t want to be one of those. If you are carrying any debt into retirement let it be with your mortgage it won’t be the worst idea if the amount isn’t too big, but 100% no credit card debt…you could be paying that off for a VERY long time.

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