3 Super Easy Ways to Save Hundreds of Dollars

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2 years ago

We all made resolutions for working out more and eating salad but instead of working on your body, why don’t you make 2015 the year that you become financially healthy! You don’t have to do it on your own, there’s array of apps and sites put the ability to be financially savvy right at your finger tips.

First, get connected and track everything. There are plenty of apps that connect with your bank account and spending to help you set budgets for all the different aspects of your life.

3supereasywaystosavehundredsofdollars1We love using Mint for this and also learn valuable information about our spending habits.

Second, one of the best costs to cut down on is transportation. Commuting sucks enough without realizing that you’re spending a lot on it. If you use public transportation, investigate to see if your company offers any discounts or pre-tax commuting credit.

Third, ditch your take-out and save up to $1,000! Take-out and delivery isn’t the best habit for your wallet or your waistline. While many experts might suggest you just cut the chicken pad thai, for a more moderate approach keep tabs on delivery deals to save without starving.