3 Services That You Actually DON’T Have to Tip For!


To tip? Or not to tip?

That is the question many of us ask ourselves every day. Seeking out the expert advice of Etiquette Specialist SueAnn Brown to get the answer – once-and-for-all – for when you are supposed to tip, and when you can skip it on the Breakdown. So, whether or not you believe in tipping, let’s face it, it’s a way of life. The word ‘Tip’ has been around for a long time but many people seem to forget its actual meaning, ‘To Insure Prompt Service.’


Don’t Tip for These 3 Services

The first place where you don’t need to feel obligated to tip is at the coffee house and fast food joints. Basically, these people aren’t waiting on you, they aren’t busing your plates and utensils. The general rule is if you are seated and someone brings you a drink and a meal then tip, but if you are picking up then you should not feel obligated to dish out the extra cash.

Second, is medical spa services where you get Botox or medical injections. These procedures are usually done by nurses or doctors so this is where you wouldn’t tip. However, if you are going for a regular facial then it is okay to tip.

And third on the list is roadside assistance. We all feel so thankful at six o’clock in the morning when we have a flat tire and need to rush to work. When they come to the rescue they are like superman and we are so excited, but remember they are just doing their job. If you are really thankful what they will appreciate is a great review to their boss or even a positive review on Yelp!

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3 years ago